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Don't fall for conventional "wisdom." Dive into Power Athlete's In-Season Training Manual to understand the nuts and bolts behind what makes an In-Season Program work.

Too many strength coaches and head coaches miss the forrest for the trees. They look at the In-Season as maintenance phase and they don't see how it fits into the big picture.

John Welbourn shares his experience as 10 Year NFL veteran on how he managed to stay at the top of his game when it mattered most.

"Everyone knows the demands games have of an athlete during the season, but many don't understand the components required for sustained success over months of competition. If the season was just a few weeks, it might not be as noticeable. However, given a 5-7 month season, you need a training program that accounts for nutrition, sleep, and recovery.

"In-Season" is not just a standalone block of time. It is one piece of a large puzzle spanning years. If your goal is just to survive the season, you stifle the progress that builds success towards the end of the season, putting you behind for the next year. Our goal is to prepare you for an entire career.

This book will provide the tips I learned from both experience and guidance from the best in the world. If you follow this entire plan (training, nutrition, preparation, and recovery), you will find success as I did during my decade in the NFL. "

Not only that, but this manual includes a 12 week In-Season program! The program has two variations, a single game week and multi game week version of the program.

"Segment 1 - Strength and Power
The first segment combines volume and intensity. We push the heavy rep maxes, alternating volume between compound movements and a ton of accessory work. As the first four weeks progress, we keep the rep maxes but require accompanying speed work via compensatory acceleration mixed with plyometric movements. This keeps the CNS firing and efficient.
For the first 4 weeks of the season, athletes just finished training camp and are in their first month of competition. They're not yet banged up, and can continue to gain strength and size, building on their off-season work. Considering training, practice, and games in aggregate, they now face increased volume. This isn't a bad thing - at this point in time, extra volume has a very beneficial effect on the athlete's ability to get stronger.
I made some amazing strength gains in the first month of the season. If I pushed the strength and tempered the volume, I could hit some numbers close to my best off-season performances, but only because of my high level of physical preparedness coming out of training camp.
I trained to be in shape, strong, and fast but with a little left in the tank to handle the upcoming months' worth of multiple daily practices, scrimmages, and intense competition.
Once the in-season started, I refined my focus, placing more time on film and learning, less on beating myself up. I was always monitoring things. If practice volumes dropped, I could ramp up my weight room efforts for some fantastic strength and size gains.
Segment 2 - Strength and Speed
Transitioning into the 2nd segment of the season, we hit the strength work, focusing on your ability to execute movements with max speed to recruit fast twitch muscle fibers while monitoring volume to keep things progressing.
Segment 3 - CNS Efficiency and Coordination
The third segment tapers volume even more, but keeps the rep maxes, this time coupled with work prioritizing coordination. Unilateral movements and combined primal movement patterns keep the CNS firing."

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Includes a 12 Week In-Season program that includes Strength, Accessory, Plyo and Conditioning work Two versions of the program, a Single Game Week, and Multi Game Week Pre and Post game best practices: mental preparation and cool down strategies Game Day Nutrition strategies And much more...

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