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This is the Talk To Me Johnnie e-book. Move the fuck over Sun-Tzu because the collected knowledge of a great warrior just got a 21st century update. For the record, we are making a literal comparison of these two books. The Art of War is thirteen chapters of a great warrior general's thoughts on battle field tactics. It takes in his own personal experiences and combines that with the accumulated knowledge of the Chinise military commanders that came before him.

Talk To Me Johnnie is close to 1,000 pages of insight from a modern warrior, John Fucking Welbourn. Talk To Me Johnnie started as the pipe hitter's version of Dear Abby. Meat heads would ask John the same couple of questions over and over so John decided to publish a blog that answered these questions. These questions often ranged from "How can I get stronger and leaner at the same time?" to "How can I lean out while getting strong at the same time?"

In time, Talk To Me Johnnie (TTMJ) evolved from John telling guys how to lose fat and gain strength concurrently, to providing real insight into the mind of a 6'6" 300+ pound genius/comedian/father/coach.

With the TTMJ e-book you're not just getting some played out answer of the week bullshit. You're getting real world solutions to your training questions. You get to learn what kind of mindset you need to train at a world class level. You get wisdom that will make your life better.

You get all this along with a bunch of unreleased content and: 

The all new infamous "Just Tell Me What To Read" reading list, with commentary!

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