How do I return an item?

At Power Athlete we know you're lifting hard and we want to keep you looking good while you do it. We make sure the gear you want is the gear you get, and you get it quick. We ship all smaller orders (under 4 shirts or so) via USPS Priority mail, so it should get there in 5 - 7 days. Larger orders, and international orders, can take up to 7 - 14 days. But get this, if what you receive isn't what you ordered, we'll replace it. And if what you ordered isn't exactly what you want, you can exchange it. We make getting the gear you want simple, the DWODs are hard enough. Have a question for us? A problem? Want to tell us how jacked you look in your shirt? Email us at

Replacement Policy:
If the items you order are in any condition less than perfect when they arrive on your doorstep, for any reason, we don't think you should have to keep them. In fact we'll send you new ones. If anything is damaged, ripped, banged up, or generally not as awesome as you know it should be, simply go to the RMA form on the back of the packing slip that accompanied your shipment and follow the directions on the back under the "Replacement Policy" section. Once you've complete the steps on the RMA form we can usually get your replacement gear out the same day. It's awesome, we know.

Exchange Policy:
So you were a Medium, but your started following Power Athlete and now you're a Large, but you ordered a Medium on accident? No problem. If anything you order doesn't fit we will exchange it, no questions asked. All we do ask is that you return the item in the same condition you received it in. Don't spend all afternoon doing Kalsu in your new shirt then decide you want a new one. If you go to the RMA form on the back of the packing slip that came with your original order, fill it out, and get it back to us, we can usually send out your replacement item the same day we receive your return. It's just that easy.

All Exchanges and/or Replacement must be accompanied by an RMA form and sent to:

Power Athlete HQ


6720 Llano Stage Trail

Austin, Texas, 78738

Event Cancellation/Refunds:

Power Athlete does not offer refunds or cancellations on any events. There are certain administrative fees and processes that go into getting these events up and running and they are based on the number of sign ups. We do however offer transfers, so if you're hurt, busy, or just flat out can't make it, get someone from your gym to take your place.

And you can always hit us up with questions at